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Musicians Are Not Philosophers

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I spent years pursuing a career in SkaPunk music. This never panned out. I then enrolled in college...I figured that I didn't know enough about something I wasn't privy to. College only served to confuse and frustrate me I wrote a book about my thoughts.

To those that don't know, Punk musicians are very in touch with the emotion of anger. Philosophically, Punk is very abrasive and against the grain...yet, there is a humanistic side that seems to be lacking in modern mass cultures. Hopefully, this book will show both the enlightenment and frustration that comes with pursuing a Punk life.

Anonymity can dismantle hubris.
I didn't mention any individual or company by name. I figure that the attention from this book would only serve to stroke egos or seem slanderous. I'm not here to stand in someone else's spotlight.

I publish this under my penname but the stories are true. Yes, the text is abstract at times and with Punk and Metal philosophies it's okay to be phantastically vulgar to prove a point. Take this seriously and not-seriously.

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