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Havana Passage ... Book One of the Washington Trilogy

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The Nation’s first woman President is an iconoclast. Well down the list of her foreign policy initiatives is the diplomatic conversion of Cuba from a peace-threatening cancer to a useful hemispheric partner. Considered enlightened to those who agree, and a political anathema to those who don’t, her Cuban agenda becomes accelerated by two events.
An American fishing boat is boarded by the U.S. Coast Guard coming out of Havana Harbor, and
Kate Stevens, a law student at Georgetown University, produces a documentary film questioning the constitutionality of the fifty-year-old Cuban trade embargo.
The President gathers strength from two men who fought alongside each other to secure her place in history – Charles Black, her Chief of Staff, and Gordon Cox, a Washington lawyer. While Cox helps Black and the President move the controversial Cuban policy forward, Gordon and his firm’s new associate, Kate Stevens, prepare to defend the fishing boat captain in court, and are sent to Havana with that case as cover on a secret mission for the President.
In this politically current and action packed work we are given a peek into the workings of a lawyer whose client is the sitting United States President and a Cuba without Fidel Castro.

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