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A Rift Between Cities

Length: 378 pages4 hours


The first of the Four Cities to fall under Governor Greyling’s terrible rule, Riftcity is finally fighting back, thanks to the help of Ember, Flint, and a reluctant Ven.

Still struggling with his feelings for what happened in Lightcity, Ven’s reluctance might prove to be well-founded after Greyling hears of the rebel activity in Riftcity.

Back home in Meadowcity, Sylvia and the Defenders are preparing for battle, fearing it to come any day. Out training in the wilds one day, Sylvia is taken by the Scouts. Unwilling to risk another tragedy like Lightcity, Meadowcity is unable to help her.

In Seascape, Atlan Blackwater is battling with the biggest decision of his life. When he finds out about Sylvia’s abduction, he seeks help from his friends in Seascape—but can they get to Sylvia in time?

With her instincts and his knowledge, can Sylvia and Atlan discover what it takes to mend the rift between cities?

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