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Shreds of alleged wisdom

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Between serious and humorous, this short collection of aphorisms (or alleged ones) is composed of four parts.

"Mental masturbations disguised as aphorisms" are reflections in first person, a little bit cynical and often self-ironic, about life and myself.

"Aphorisms worthy of the name", as the title suggests, are instead thoughts with the ambition (sometimes even justified) to be almost “serious".

In the third part, titled "Lucubrations of my youth", I exhumed my old aphorisms of when - bold and full of hopes - I was convinced to be a brilliant and original philosopher (ROFL).

The title of the fourth part is - alas! - untranslatable. In Italian it is "Afoclismi", from the fusion of aforismi (aphorisms) and clismi (enemas). These are just unassuming trifles, that have the sole purpose of drawing a smile from the unwary reader that has decided to invest the equivalent of a coffee in this little book.

Have fun!

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