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Cravings, Ravings & Misbehavings

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Sharine Borslien was born in Superior, Wisconsin where she lived until she was five. The family moved to central state to live on a 160-acre ranch and raise beef cattle. Growing up in a small community in the country offered plenty of open fields, creeks and rivers, plants and animals, seasonal weather, and boys. It was Nature’s playground! Sharine eventually left her parents, sister, and two brothers for California to pursue her dream of becoming a singer-songwriter and finding her soul mate. In her book, she introduces us to her home and family, friends and foes as she discloses details about her deep desires – and the lengths to which she will go in satisfying them. She cleverly pairs each personal anecdote with a recipe. Some are old-world family faves, others attract vegetarian appetites, still more satisfy omnivores and include many of her favorite decadent desserts. Sharine suggests some of her most treasured wines from the Paso Robles, California AVA and beyond. In addition to all this, she offers readers a glimpse into her songwriting with a music CD to accompany particular eras in her evolution. Overall, this is a generous package filled with playfulness, self-exposure, and insight. Join Sharine on her journey, and meet some colorful characters along the way!

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