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You Are Beautiful, Darling! A First-aid Kit For Stressed Out Women

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In today’s society, stress and burnout seem to be accepted as the norm. They are part of everyday life. We do not talk about them because these topics are not appropriate. If you happen to be affected, you feel ashamed because you are not as strong as you are supposed to be. So, you just think to yourself: “Pull yourself together and go on!” You pull yourself together once, you pull yourself together twice, and a couple of more times until you notice that this is no longer possible. So, you failed. You failed the expectations of your company, you failed the expectations of your family, you failed the expectations of your friends, and you failed the expectations of yourself.
You are supposed to give. You are supposed to give to your company in the form of overtime hours and superior performance. You are supposed to give time and energy to relatives because if you don’t, you are seen as selfish and uncaring. You are supposed to give, give, give...
Now, let’s be honest. If this was all how it was supposed to be, why have you reached this point? Are you close to burnout? Are you depressed? Are you feeling hopeless and unsure what to do with your life?
If you have answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, stop reading. Go and look at yourself in the mirror. Do you feel like crying? It’s ok to cry because now we want to focus on YOU.
YOU are the most important person on the planet. You deserve to be happy, to feel good and to love yourself. Forget about what everyone else is saying.
So first, we need to take care of you. Put that smile back on your face – yes, you deserve to smile! You deserve to feel beautiful.

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