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Ye Gods!2

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Stephen Elder’s first collection of short stories was entitled Ye Gods! because it had several stories involving deities. Ye Gods!2 has only one such tale.
Instead, this second collection offers penetrating analyses of ancient and modern history (“Stone Age Tax Time” and “Lewis Books a Trip), plus pioneering essays on zoology (“The Ant Olympics” and “Interview with I’ll Have Another”).
The author offers further enlightenment by explaining how appliances are sometimes possessed by unfriendly spirits. As a bonus, an excellent dragon recipe for knight stew is included.
The “Life” section examines the consumer finance industry, child abduction, and the return of the Tooth Fairy. Despite the author’s best efforts, the “Death” section turns serious in “Saved” and “He finally Stopped Loving Her.”
Ye Gods!2 includes three novelettes, The Writing Spider, Toby and Dervish, and Relatives. The novelettes are also available separately as Kindle Singles on Amazon.

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