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Primate Wars

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By tracing female mitochondrial DNA it can be established that all non-African people are descendants of a single female, the out of Africa Eve. She was a member of a primate tribe that migrated out of Africa and settled in the Persian Gulf before it was flooded. Her descendants, the lines of Cain and Seth, are the source of conflict that inhabits the Earth today and empowers the 'Primate Wars.' The story is taken up during the Great War when a Private is shot at dawn for desertion. An incident prior to his execution leaves a residual, present day legacy manifest in the form of a seemingly ordinary man. It transpires that this man is descended from the line of Seth, he is on a mission to dilute the forces of evil brought into the world by the descendants of Cain. His genes are closer to perfection than the Cain gene and carry residual traits from Biblical times that give him an advantage when his scheme to inch the world closer to Heaven and further from Hell becomes unstoppable.

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