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Confessions of a British Celebrity Bodyguard

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Celebrity Bodyguard... The words conjure up an image of Kevin Costner running through the crowd saving the distressed starlet or perhaps the 7-foot-tall bus sized guy walking with the rapper in tow. Well welcome to real life.
With 15 years’ experience in law enforcement, private security, and close protection, Damien Buckland gives a true account of some of the most hilarious and uplifting moments working close protection for some of the world’s best loved celebrities.
There are no car chases, no gun battles, no pool houses... Instead we can find out which celebs like to wear ladies’ underwear, who is really losing the plot, which celebrities think they can have you wiped from the face of the earth... There is even the odd severed hand and drunk footballer to laugh about.
Yes, don't worry, these celebs are named and shamed... well apart from those where there is a fear of being sued... Even then, enough clues are evident for us to figure out who they really are.

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