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A Blossom Fell

244 pages4 hours


In a small town in sunny southern California in the fifties, life is good . . . for most people. The only bad thing to happen was the kidnap and murder of a young girl from the local cinema a few years back. A man was caught, convicted and executed for the crime and life returned to normal. But when a respected teacher, Miss Montgomery, learns of another incident at the cinema from one of her young students, Beverly, the past reappears.

Miss Montgomery’s concern leads her to seek answers but when Beverly’s sister suddenly disappears, concern grows in the town. Is there a connection between this disappearance and the past kidnap and murder, or should the focus be on the girl’s own family?

There are secrets in the family, secrets that connect them with others in the town. But how far can Miss Montgomery and others delve into this conspiracy of secrets without placing the children involved in jeopardy.

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