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Black Angels

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In a state plagued with corruption and injustice, if it boiled down to it, some members of the Suffolk County, New York, law enforcement would murder their fellow officers to keep their darkest secrets confined to the shadows. A malicious police officer named Gary Cooper was by far the most evil human being Suffolk County had ever seen. His favorite pastime was planting drugs on young black men—tarnishing their records and destroying their futures.

Having earned his PhD in social philosophy, Dr. Robert Carter was a revered civil rights activist; his protest for black liberation and socialism gave law enforcement officers who were white-supremacy affiliates a strong desire to see him lynched. They coveted his beautiful wife, his car, and even his home. Robert Carter was persistent in pushing for racial equality. He had a plan to expose Officer Cooper and people who were cut from the same cloth as him, even though it put his life and his family’s life in jeopardy.

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