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8th Son

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The book everyone has been waiting for. The new project by Jimmy Boom Semtex. It features his new work and several joint poems with other authors/writers/poets. The work is diverse and global in nature.

From the life questions of Jimmy's Coded Karma to the surreal dream poem where girls are hills in
Mounded, there is variety here. Poems about a crashed warplane include Sunny 8. Others cover nature, war, life, hookers and truck drivers.

Examples of joint work includes nature with Lea Boyd, a nautical theme with Shy Lhen Esposo, political work with Gray Nicholls and reminiscing over coffee in a poem with Saurabh Pant.

Varied photographs give an added layer to the poetry.

Part 2 will follow soon and be just as unique.

Star Man
Five peso coins look like
burnished golden sovereigns.
This is the land of
sparkling silver.
I came here long ago.
Following your ghost.
One step aside you.
Coloured by what?
Of those unborn.
The harbour.
That's where my
spaceship is.

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