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Selected Works Volume Three

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The history of Israel as a nation may be said to commence with their entrance into their own land. Israel was born as a people to the overthrow of Sihon and of Og, the last who would have barred Israel's way to their home had been only preparatory. During wanderings the strong hand of Jehovah had welded the people together. Israel was to become the Kingdom of God, which was destined to grow. These principles are the special relationship of Israel towards Jehovah, and Jehovah's special dealings towards them. The history of the wilderness period had, indeed, been shaped by this two-fold relationship, but its consequences appeared more clearly under Joshua. More importantly he explains the parallel of the Book of Ruth to the New Testament as no other. Within this rare work, “Canaan as Divided Between the Tribes”, A. Edersheim is able to articulate, with such insight, the inner working principles and design of God’s intent with the Israelites and presents us Christians with a pattern to recognize and adhere to.

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