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One College Student’s Insight On Success: Invaluable Lessons & Stages of Development In College

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I have become obsessed with success ever since about five months ago. Does that make me a qualified expert on success? Not at all. What’s certain is that the lessons laid out in this book worked for me. I have read about three books in my lifetime, until about five months ago. Since then, I have read about forty books; books that I accredit with changing my mind about how I think of the world, understand business, and myself.
This book will cover topics such as partying, leadership, decision making (choosing a college major), self-awareness, feedback, friendships, and the mindset of success.
I am in college at the time of writing this, but take note that this book is for anyone interested in success. These ensuing concepts have changed my life dramatically, and I believe they will do the same for you. Enjoy.

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