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The Adventures of George and Reggie

138 pages2 hours


George the grizzly bear is on a life or death mission. An evil group is holding his mate hostage, and he’ll do anything to save her. He sets off on a dangerous journey alongside new friend, the bobcat Reggie. However, George soon learns that Reggie is in search of someone, too. What began as a solo mission is now a tandem rescue.

A nasty group of iguanas and narwhals, led by the odious Colonel Nua, is holding George’s captured mate. Although these monsters are a challenging foe, George and Reggie won’t back down. Twists, turns, and occasional pitfalls force these heroes to search far and wide, but they never give up hope of finding what they desperately seek.

Luckily, they make friends who become assets in rescuing their loved ones. Despite difficulty, George learns that inside every adventure come lessons that help us grow and become better. Whether it’s new friends or new ideas, anything can be found within a single journey—including, of course, George’s beloved mate.

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