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New Testament: Breakthrough KJV

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A More Accurate Bible

If technology can be used to create cars that parallel park themselves, why can't it be used to create a much more accurate and readable Bible?

It can, and now it has.

Breakthrough Version Publishing brings together modern technology, higher translation standards, insight from the greatest Bible scholars, and guidance from the Holy Spirit to create a Bible with a higher level of accuracy and readability, the New Testament: Breakthrough KJV, Third Edition.

Blasting through the limitations of traditional translating, this Bible is:
• more literal
• more contemporary
• more precise
• more correct
• more consistent

The Breakthrough Version even translates hundreds of words in the Textus Receptus Greek text that other Bibles (including the KJV) do not.

This Bible is a great tool for Bible teachers and students that opens a new door to experiencing the original meaning and nuances of the Greek text, yet it is also easy to read, even for newbies.

Because the Bible should be Correct

Because the Bible should be for Everyone

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