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Master Maths Box Set

4,064 pages12 hours


This Mathematics tutor takes beginners to GCSE (age 16 level), making Maths easy. Ideal if you want to brush up your Maths, or you are a student preparing for exams.

* Smart eBook. Uniquely, you answer the questions by tapping, and it marks them. If you are wrong, it gives you hints and, if you need it, complete explanations. This comes after the Maths tuition.

* Massive book: complete course of 60 chapters. Includes all 14 Master Maths Subject eBooks (Parts 1-14). Around 4000 Pages on your device. It includes the following books:
•Master Maths: Properties of Shapes and Lines
•Master Maths: Constructions, Similar, Congruent, Polygons
•Master Maths: Transformations, Geometry on Axes, Circle
•Master Maths: Trigonometry, Pythagoras, Arc, Sin Cos Rules
•Master Maths: Area, 3D Geometry, Vectors, Measures
•Master Maths: Calculators, Long Multiplication, Decimals
•Master Maths: Fractions (add - x divide) HCF, LCM, Rounding
•Master Maths: Percentages, Discounts, Interest, Profit, Loss
•Master Maths: Number, Ratio, Proportion, Surds, Std Form
•Master Maths: Graphs and Sequences
•Master Maths: Algebra, All Equations, Inequalities
•Master Maths: Factorisation, Complete Square, Conversions
•Master Maths: Easy Statistics
•Master Maths: GCSE Level Statistics

* Well-illustrated for colour or black and white devices.

* Written by a published author of many Print Books. Based on the bestselling LCL course, Micro Maths PRO, for teachers and students (RRP £39.99). Examples of different customer reviews of this course from one of the most popular shopping websites are:

“Very happy”
“A great purchase and very useful”
“Spot on”.

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