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Crossing the Line

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Paula's every waking thought was about winning! She had honed her firm, muscular body to perfection, something that put most boys off dating her. She tried to look more feminine, to no avail. That hurt, but she wouldn't stop training just to appease her longing for intimacy. She wouldn't stop running. Wouldn't stop cycling, and she certainly wouldn't stop swimming! She had to train and train hard if she was to meet the criteria for the triathlon team. Besides, boys and sex were an unwelcome distraction. Even her erotic dreams were getting in the way. Yet, Paula stuck to her task, embracing abstinence as a way of life, until the day she made the simple mistake of wearing the wrong panties! What happened next was more than a distraction when she spotted him—a voyeur watching her undress from the safety of the bushes. Paula was understandably indignant! She marched up to him, determined to wipe that smirk off his face...

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