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The Reaping

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Man is no longer alone at the top of the food chain

From the East a new threat to a struggling civilization emerges, spreading across the land like a cancerous stain, leaving in its wake the shattered remnants of a species teetering on the brink of extinction.

After the dead walked and society crumbled, mankind struggled back from the brink of extinction. Having fled the cities the survivors lead a more pastoral lifestyle, while the cities to the east stand as silent monuments to the former progress of man.

But they are not empty.

Not only did mankind leave behind the trappings of his progress, but the creatures of the night that once fed along the shadowy edges of a well lit world. Inhabiting that twilight space between day and night, between what is real and imagined, between dreams and nightmares.

In Bryn Mawr, Window is infected after he is bitten by a reaper. As he struggles against the rising bloodlust, viewing his friends as a potential meal, they set out to the East in the search of a cure.

Along the way they learn more about the nature of the world they inhabit, their own past, and the part they each play in a potential future. Crossing paths with a shadowy figure who leaves small tokens from each of their own history. Little objects that carry powerful emotions linked to major changes in their past lives.

In the nations former capitol they are confronted by the reaper master who reveals the cold truth about the cosmos as he prepares his own army of the undead to enslave what remains of mankind.

This Lawless Land

Welcome to a post-apocalyptic world where a child can be named Meat. A world of unrestrained brutality where death lurks around every bend, and the only law is the firepower one carries on their hip. It is into this world these four boys have been born. A world where cellphones, fast food, and supermarkets are fables from the past. A world where the dead walk, and humanity has strayed dangerously close to the verge of extinction.

Four boys who have been drawn together on a journey of discovery, not only of the world in which they live, but of worlds that lie beyond their own, worlds beyond imagination. Along the way they will strengthen their friendship as they come face to face with the brutality of a world without laws, or consequences, save a premature death.

A journey of self-discovery, of trust, and self-reliance. A journey where they will learn to rely on one another as their friendship grows to form the bonds of family. A journey from which these four boys, three bound by a fourth, will embark upon the greatest adventure ever as they search for the safety of a past that has eluded them.

A journey that will lead them to the realization that they are the future, but to have one, they must bring peace to this lawless land.

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