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The Lemonade Detective Club: The Case of the Missing Thelonious

200 pages2 hours


Finally, a job for the Lemonade Detective Club! Newly-organized and eager to get to work, the club's members, fifth-graders Sarah, Robert, and Rosie, along with Sarah's five-year-old brother Max, are a little too thrilled to hear about Lonesome Joan's missing pet, Thelonious.

But the reclusive and mysterious old woman's call for help is heard not just by the LDC but also by a rival gang of detective kids - the brothers Elio, Smellio, and Radio. Determined to claim the reward before their competition can, the LDC leaps into action and quickly discovers the mystery involves much more than a missing animal.

Suddenly chasing shadowy villains armed with a secret, DNA-changing serum, the kids of the LDC work to solve the case and save not only Thelonious but creatures throughout the world. The future of the animal kingdom depends on their success!

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