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The Catholic Digital News 2017-03-04 (Special Issue: Lent 2017)

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The Catholic Digital News 2017-03-04 (Special Issue: Lent 2017)

Length: 186 pages2 hours


The Catholic Digital News gathers the week's most important news stories involving the Catholic Church and publishes them within a single digital volume. Each edition is beautifully formatted with full-color images and features world, national, and Vatican news, plus opinion pieces, entertainment reviews, and daily Mass readings. This issue covers the events of the week ending March 4, 2017.

Volume 3, Issue 1
March 4, 2017



The full text of Pope Francis' message for Lent in 2017
Francis' address to priests on new matrimony process
Rome's Anglican pastor comments on the pope's visit
The full text of Pope Francis' Sunday Angelus address
The Pope’s historic visit to All Saints Anglican Church
Surgeon, father among sainthood causes to advance
Interview with Pope Francis in Milan street magazine
Pope reminds God gives all to those who surrender all
Full text of the pope's address to the General Audience
Abuse survivor resigns from protection of minors panel
Full text of Pope Francis' homily from Ash Wednesday
A new generation of Benedict XVI scholars on the rise
Francis' meeting with members of clergy in his diocese
The latest papal video spotlights Christian persecution
Pope Francis seeks silence, reflection in annual retreat

After liberation of Aleppo, living conditions are still dire
Are the youth of the Mideast losing the virtue of hope?
Northern Ireland bishops speak on how to vote wisely
South Sudanese bishops' request for food aid, peace
Bosnian bishop refutes Medjugorje Marian apparitions
Filipino Catholic Church fights ongoing brutal drug war
Why Catholic teaching on marriage matters for society
World fails to notice as Egyptian Copts are driven out
Europe warned it will be adrift if it loses Christian roots

U.S. bishops denounce anti-Semitic attack escalation
Assisted suicide discriminates against poor, disabled
U.S. Congress can do more for religious liberty abroad
Pro-lifers want protections in health care after speech

Bishop Robert Barron: Evangelizing through the good
Feminist scholars weigh in on Church as anti-woman
Communities ask if Benedict Option is the only option
Beer made by 17th-century monks for the Lenten fast
Multicultural ministry is in need of a new perspective
Just what is the point of fasting during Lent, anyway?
Movie review: X-man Wolverine's latest flick 'Logan'
Movie reviews: 'The Shack' and 'Scientology Movie'

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