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The Gardener

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Rich widow Maggie's current friends were gorgeous specimens of womanhood—dolls dressed in designer clothes, adorned with gold and diamonds. By comparison, Maggie didn't have a lot going for her, but the one thing they coveted, was Luciano, her handsome Italian gardener. He was the reason the women met repeatedly on Maggie's patio. Luciano looked like a modern Adonis, only unlike the classical figure this young man packed a little extra within the tight shorts he insisted on wearing whatever the weather!

Jamie was the most outspoken, and to Maggie's mind, the crudest. The young woman couldn't resist a wolf-whistle "Never mind his six-pack," she'd say. "Have you seen the size of his hose?"
Celine always smirked at the spoken observation. "Well, there is a lot of garden to cover!"
After which Jamie would take a sip of her cocktail and turn to Maggie. "I'd bet you'd like your flower bed watered with that, hey Maggie?"

Luciano knelt on the edge of the lounger, the nozzle so close to Maggie's sex the jet pounded against her clitoris. Maggie and Luciano stared into each other's eyes, both wanting more than the simple water play, but neither acknowledged the fact.

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