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The Story of God's Plan of Salvation (Tabletop Edition)

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This is a beautiful, heartwarming, inspirational tale about how the angels encourage us to grow into the likeness of Christ. It is a story which beautifully outlines what God’s Plan of Salvation is all about and how it was placed into the physics of our world to develop the Bride of Christ. When Sarah and Matt move into their new home, Matt discovers a manuscript in the back of Grandma’s beautiful antique desk. Sarah sees that it is the bedtime story Grandma told to Sarah, Josh and Caleb when they were children and she is thrilled to think that she can now pass this story down to her children. This wonderful, whimsical tale of angels, and planets, of love and human failure is an excellent way to bring testimony to children and adults. It is another story which has been masterfully crafted by author Helen Glowacki.

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