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Abigail: Living Her Hotwife Fantasies

217 pages3 hours


Abigail and Mitch Brooks are precariously close to entering their forties. They’ve been married for what seems like forever and their once hot sex lives have cooled considerably over the years.

Mitch turns to net porn—hotwife stories and websites to be specific—to give him some new excitement in his life. Abigail inadvertently becomes aware of this when she uses Mitch’s laptop on the sly one day.

What to do? Abigail decides confront him and talk it out between them!

Together, they discover a whole new world of sexual possibilities. But although Mitch enjoys hearing about her adventures with other men, and other women—much to his delight—as a newly-minted hotwife, he proves reluctant to become an active participant in her fun and games. And Abigail desperately wants for that to happen!

How will they work this out, or will they? Read this book and find out!

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