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Noon: 23rd Century: The Return of Toivo Book 1

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This novel is a sequel to Beetle in the Anthill and The Time Wanderers by famous Russian sci-fi writers brothers Boris and Arkady Strugatsky. Will you please skip
through the contents of these books at Wikipedia, if you haven’t read them yet. They are really masterpieces of science fiction and you may want to read them fully. You’ll never regret of your spending time for that. I have been really fascinated by the story of "foundlings" and the tragedy of Lev Abalkin, Rudolf Sikorski, Toivo Glumov and Maxim Kammerer and decided to write this continuation.
However, you can read it as an independent book (though, reading of above-mentioned books are recommended). I hope you will like it.
What will be the next stage of Evolution after a human? Who will come to replace him? This is a book of the evolutionary crisis of mankind and coming of New Race (Metagoms or Ludens) on the Earth.
You’ll meet Maxim Kammerer in his adventure on his way to Ludens’ world and the disclosure of the mystery of Lev Abalkin and the “foundlings” 30 years later after the Big Revelation. The sequel had been approved by Boris Strugatsky himself a year before his decease in 2012.

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