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The Novel Planner Workbook

43 pages10 minutes


The Novel Planner Workbook helps aspiring and seasoned writers of all ages plan, outline, and develop their stories—whether an epic novel or a shorter story.

The planner includes sections for brainstorming ideas, pre-write questions, setting and scene templates, character sketches, a story structure template, and vital checklists like the Ultimate Self-Publishing Checklist and the Ultimate Story Checklist.

Additional templates and character sketches in PDFs are available for home printing (details inside the workbook).

Note: This workbook was designed to be a physical planner, which means this ebook version may contain some instruction you won’t be able to do in your ereader (like brainstorm and such). There is, however, a link to some downloadable and printable templates and sketches in this ebook to provide you with some actual pages from the physical book. Thank you.

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