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Web of the Poisoned Cane.

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This is a compelling crime story, and it is the year 2006 Zurich Switzerland; about Rich Europeans Kate & Les. He is recuperating from a brain Stroke in a private rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland. He decides to invest all their money with a security trading company in America. It is the beginning of a nightmare a journey into a dark world web full of corruption and crime.
A small fry Mafia type Franco owner of the security trading company in America; a liar, a thief dressed in a gentleman’s suit. A man who promises investors a lot of profits, but his profits was in fact the investor’s own money. The Authorities leave him, and his cronies free to dupe more innocent investors in other business scams.
David is an investigator with a company in America who people hire to retrieve their money back from Scammers and thieves. David is not what he seems; after Kate & Les invest in a property project he had in Panama; his promises of large profits like Franco did, and would never materialize. A corrupt Ex-CIA Agent who owned an armaments company which was shut down due to Criminal activity; and part of the Iraq-Gate Scandal.
The day they asked David for profits and return of investment was the day their nightmare began. Threatening him with the police and the FBI; suddenly they were being followed .A encounter with three foreign men, and a walking cane at a roadside café threatens both their lives.
Six years later and David and Franco are still busy with their Internal, and International fraudulent scams. Has Kate’s mission for justice finally caught up with them? Which of them will Karma pay a visit to, and who will survive?

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