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The Aide, Lusty Lee Log 15

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Lee, Michael Rayburn, and all his victims celebrate the capture of the Cyber Culprit. Michael is on the fast track to become partner at his firm.

Lee’s worried about an audit of the investigation but one kiss in the elevator with Michael erases the rest of the world. By the time Michael has her on his bed, all Lee can think of is Michael inside her. But Michael has other ideas. He teases her with a pitcher of fragrant pudding before lifting up her panties and pouring in enough of the warm goo to engulf her pubic bone and sex. Pressure against her panty pushes the pudding into every nook and cranny. The pressure of the pudding increases then recedes, sucking and pressing against every nerve in her sex. After a few moments, the pudding has flowed out and she begins to feel the silk of her panties rubbing up and down.

Lee opens her eyes, pleading for more from her lover. But Michael’s only reaction is to shake his head. “Shut your eyes,” he demands.

Lee complies and is rewarded with a cold red strawberry...

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