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Farkles & Giggles, The Heavenly Duo

49 pages19 minutes


Five-year-old Brianna wakes in the morning expecting to find money under her pillow for the two front teeth she lost yesterday, but instead discovers the Tooth Fairy turned her two stuffed Weiner dogs into real puppies. She soon discovers that one of her new best friends has the powerful gift of flatulence and her imagination runs wild as she creatively comes up with hilarious ways to use this power during their playtime adventures. Mommy, however, is not happy about the Tooth Fairy's gift and now Brianna needs to convince her that Farkles and Giggles are a part of their family. Join this hilarious trio in this wild and fun-filled adventure about friendship, family, and laughter. Please help Brianna, Farkles & Giggles find the Tooth Fairy throughout the book!

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