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Taming Lucy Part Three: Greedy Samplers

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It’s hard to resist becoming Lord Braxton’s pet. While Lady Lucinda is still full of fire, how long can she truly resist her subjugation?

After being stripped of her regal and powerful life, Lucinda has grown comfortable with being a prisoner. As she is carted from one manor to the next, Lucinda becomes accustomed to the true nature of her old friends and colleagues. Without reason to fear her, they see her as nothing more than a play thing. Soon she will be purchased by one of them for her cream. And some are too eager to wait.

What does a close encounter with an impatient lord mean to her?

Could she have a deeper connection with Lord Braxton than she first realized?

This is the third part of the Taming Lucy serial. Lucinda’s journey from noble woman to obedient hucow continues here.

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