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Where Are You Bound?: English, Espanol, Deutsche, Francais, Portugues, Italiano

48 pages3 minutes


Full page illustrations make this a great story time book. A child starts to pick a daisy when a bee buzzes by and saves the flower's life. The child ask the daisy "Where Are You Bound?" The imagination of the child takes the flower around the world. It is entertaining and has many life lessons. You can also use this book to help children with the use of different languages when living in a bilingual situation. Some older children delight in reading and learning the poem in each language. Each page contains English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese translations of the poem. The captivating images help build language and vocabulary skills for very young children. The story and images are universal and bring a good feeling with a happy ending.

Children love this exposure to the world and there are global maps at the end of the story showing where these languages are spoken. This book is a treasure for all children worldwide! 

The poem of this book was written by the Author at age 16. She became a world renound artist and decided to make it into a book. She illustrated and published it 37 years later. Sylvia LeDoux's artwork can be seen at

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