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50 Fun Ways To Stay Healthy

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To many people, thinking about how to stay healthy brings on images of sweating in a gym and eating tasteless foods. On the contrary, to be healthy is to live a fun, full and (at least sometimes) exciting life! And that’s exactly why I wrote this mini-book: to show you just how fun practicing healthy habits can be.

“50 Fun Ways To Stay Healthy” is unlike other healthy lifestyle books, which typically give you a dietary formula to follow, ten steps to ripped abs, or a fitness routine to commit to. Instead, this book provides you with a list of fifty fun healthy tips. The list is far from comprehensive, but gives you a good jumping-off point to help you reach your health-related goals.

You will get ideas on how to eat healthy (and still enjoy food), how to stay in shape (and not hate exercise), how to reduce stress (without spending hours in meditation), and more. Some of the ideas are fun in and of themselves; others are fun because they produce better health long-term. You may want to try all of them; you may want to skip some of them and turn others into regular and/or daily routines.

If you know you need to improve your health but the usually stereotypical thoughts about healthy living are overwhelming in some way, or if you have been practicing good health habits and find yourself getting bored with them, this mini-book will motivate you to take new and fun action that will help you look better, feel better and think better, both now and down the road. (over 12,000 words)

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