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Bridge To Another Dimension: The Beginner Guide to Astral Projection

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Are you ready to start exploring the world around you and the world beyond that? Have you ever wondered what it is like to dive the deepest ocean or play on the moon? Do you want to meet your spirit guide or commune with the angels? Astral projection can help you accomplish all these things, without you having to physically step out of your front door.

In this book, we will show you how you can astral project for yourself. We walk you through a couple of different techniques to try. We go through the advantages of astral travels. We also cover the potential dangers and how to protect yourself against them.

Who might you meet on the astral plane? Read on and find out. Maybe you want to meet ascended masters to help further your spiritual journey, maybe you want to meet loved ones who have passed. Or maybe you just want the freedom to be able to explore exciting new destinations. Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn how to astral project, this book will get you started.


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