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Jabuti's Quest



Some things in life are worth fighting for
Believing his troubles are over, Jabuti yearns for a return home to the arms of his beloved, yet fate has other plans. After a dangerous quest to uncover secrets to his past, his destiny now, as before, lies in the hands of others. Some are only too willing to help, but others seek to take advantage for their own gain. 
From blood-thirsty cannibals and ruthless treasure seekers to capricious despots; he and his companions have survived them all. But one adversary refuses to let the past lie, and Jabuti is forced to seek help from an unlikely source. Journeying to the royal palace of Madrid, he makes a desperate plea to an unlikely ally to intervene.
In this highly-charged atmosphere, there can only be one victor in this ultimate test of survival. From the cobbled streets of Cadiz to the stifling heat of the rainforest, the final act will unfold with devastating consequences.

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