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How Not to Cross a Billionaire

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Previously published.

Ryder Neyland was raised in a cutthroat world of million dollar deals with CEOs of fortunate 500 companies. Ryder learned how to handle people and money. He learned never to allow anyone to cross him without retribution.

When he learns who designed the advertisement that not only lost him a multi-million dollar contract and made his company look like a corporate bully, he decides to put the woman in her place. He orchestrates a meeting with Melanie Cai, half African American, half Chinese ad exec who dreams of designing advertisements rather than just managing the accounts.

Melanie is nothing like Ryder imagined, and when he first gets a taste of her, he’s determined to follow through with his plan, even if it is only to enjoy the mocha beauty. The billionaire might know a thing about teaching others a lesson, but he has never met a woman who can make him rethink his worldview.

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