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Gem of the Galaxy

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Gem of the Galaxy features two world-building books where the main constants are the fictional planet--with its exotic environment--and the cultures. The planet is populated by humans, who call themselves Ceitwans, and sentient adroit bipeds, the Xirophans. The Xirophans were there first.

The history of how the Ceitwans arrived and developed is depicted in Book 1, Daughter of the Stone. Only part of the planet forms the environment for this book; a place Xirophans don’t live; a rock-encased continent with a livable environment and complete with its own ocean. Within this “Always Dark” the Ceitwan culture springs from seeds of treachery, and enslavement. Dwinn Somuron helps to take her people to Beyond—the main part of the planet.

Book 2, Child of the Mist, shows the planet and cultures 1000 years later. It takes place on the planet surface in the arboreal continuum that shelters both Ceitwans and Xirophan—a dangerous environment that has become more so as explorers from another planet come to colonize, and the Ceitwans are in political disarray. Juilan Pranss, unexpectedly becomes part of the turmoil after she is kidnapped from a space liner and taken to the planet. The mystery behind this abduction becomes evident as Juilan is forced to re-evaluate who she is.

In both books, a glowing, growing adamant is vital to the culture and a driving element in the action and events. This gem is the core of Ceitwan politics, and a revered aspect of Xirophan mythology.

Gem of the Galaxy, contains the full editions of Book 1 and Book 2, along with a glossary and defining overview.

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