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When the Shivers Run Down Your Spine: Family Crime Mystery Book 1

Length: 55 pages44 minutes


Kate Plain is just that- plain. She blends into her surroundings and observes. Painfully shy and unaware of any of her potential charms, she just goes to work every day, does her time there, quietly and efficiently and then comes home.  At night she puts on fuzzy pajamas, gets a warm cup of coco and then writes lurid stories that are published under an alias. Even the picture on the cover of these books are not of her- they are pictures of her sister Elyse.

A high-powered publisher is interested in signing Kate to an exclusive deal that will allow her to write full time but first he wants to meet her. In person. The problem is that he is expecting to see the energetic, sexy and completely uninhibited Elyse and not the shy mouse, Kate. The bigger problem Kate quickly realizes is that her sister is nowhere to be found (as usual) so she will have to take on her look and try to hide the fact that she is so shy and retiring.

The publisher, Colton Pidcock is tall, domineering and kind of frightening to poor Kate but there is something else about him, something familiar but something alarming as well. She finds herself shivering nearly every time he is near her and she kind of likes it.

As they start getting to know one another, certain things peak Kate’s curiosity and she starts digging into the publisher and his mysterious life history. A frantic phone call from her sister’s roommate and a few strange phrases from the man himself makes her wonder what Colton Pidcock is really up to and what it might mean for her future and her life.

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