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Effective! Daily

Length: 115 pages47 minutes


Everyone has it in them to be highly effective, but doing so can be challenging with all the noise around us and in our own heads. Effective! Daily will teach you how to override distractions and come into your own.

Results that speak for themselves
Growth that betters your outputs
Impact that builds your credibility

There’s never one giant leap that takes you to the height of personal effectiveness. It takes regular, consistent, iterative steps day by day to get you in the flow of becoming your best each passing day.

Filled with strategies, principles and tips, Effective! Daily is your toolkit for getting the basics right and playing to your strengths with topics such as:

Understand how you function. Think about what you think
Tackle your energy stealers. Unlearn what hinders you
Clean up your messes quickly. Be productively busy

If there’s one thing this book will help you realize, it’s that when you step up to the plate each day to the highest standard, you will definitely flourish.

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