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The Paterfamilias: An Emigrant's Story

Length: 1,077 pages18 hours


The Paterfamilias, an Emigrant 'Story, is a novel of historical fiction in which William Cran emigrates to the colony of Virginia as an indentured servant to realize his dream of owning land. Growing up in the time of the English Civil War, he is no stranger to adversity, but the New World brings even greater challenges in dealing with the gentry, slavery, and Indian warfare. Choice and conflict lead to dangerous consequences coming pell-mell into his life. Hhe confusion is illustrated in the events surrounding William Cran an his friends and their lives as salves and and servants . The Zeitgeist of 17th century England and Virginia is redolent with religious overtones challenging the morality of his choices. From the agonizing decision to go to the New World to a a romantic involvement with a gentlewoman, William Cran is involved in moral choices and conflicts beyond his control. His success in rising to the status of planter is marred by conflict with subordinates and dissension with his own family. The multifaceted character of William Cran is troubled by the mysterious death of his mother. It is the haunting mystery hanging over his life, and there is no real rest for him until the question is resolved.

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