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The Syndrome Y Solution: Emotional Strength Building For Your Underperforming, Unmotivated, Underacheiving Son

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Many bright and able boys are paralyzed by a puzzling set of symptoms characterized by problems at home, school, and in daily life. But most of these boys, when tested, are found not to have any disorder that would explain their problems.

Every parent worried about a son who seems angry and underperforming should read this book. It tells the story of how a psychologist saw a distinctive pattern in many boys brought to her for testing. Dr. Karen Chesnutt has identified a set of symptoms that she calls Syndrome Y. More important, she has devised the first effective treatment program for Syndrome Y. Building emotional strength is the key to overcoming underperformance, low motivation, and underachievement. Dr. Chesnutt’s five-phase program is the answer to helping Syndrome Y boys build the emotional strength they need to succeed in school and in life.

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