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Goldie The Special Kitten

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Goldie The Special Kitten
It was on my mind that it was so cute of this little kitten to look up at me with her big brown eyes looking so innocently at me. I've wanted it so badly I wasn't real sure when mother did not want me to have her, But then she changed her mind and one day. She came and said let's go to the pet shop and get you a kitten.
Oh no! A kitten! I've been wanting one for the longest. Now you said let's go to the shop and get a kitten. I thought maybe dad was a allergic to animals. How come you said we can get one now. I don't understand your mother.
The thought of having a kitten was so exciting to me! I decided I could hardly stand and wait until my father came home so he could tell me himself. I'am going to be so happy when he smile and the words "Yes you can have your pet!
When he finally came home. It was after supper when she finally decided to tell me he was not allergic to the kitten So I could have my it after all. he said that he went to the pet shop and nothing happened to him so it was fine to have. Goldie is everything she thought she would be and now she"s going to be the happy from now on.

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