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Cornish Pastiche A Murder Mystery

Length: 364 pages14 hours


How could a vacation go so wrong? Chief Inspector Jim Hatchard and his wife Betty arrive in the UK from South Australia to enjoy a long-planned holiday in Cornwall, the county of Betty's ancestors. Early in their time in England they make an innocent enquiry for directions to their hotel near St Agnes. That enquiry leads them into experiences of Cornwall they could never have anticipated in their worst nightmares. A murder mystery wraps itself around them, changing their plans.
In unusual circumstances Jim becomes involved deeply in the urgent task of discovering the identity of a murderer who is bent on more killing, First one suspect, then another, and another, come into the picture, but the mystery appears to have no clues for cracking the case. Then an unusual clue, which carries with it a mistake by the murderer, provides the first real opportunity to make an arrest. By this time Jim and Betty find themselves drawn into the dark world of an extreme religious group, and the darker side of sex. The denouemont involves the reader in a thrilling closing in on the murderer in which the topography of Cornwall's remotest areas is the enemy.
Meet DCI Jim Hatchard who maps and follows his own path. He is a crime detection officer who is one of a kind and happy to be so. He is an educated policeman with a deep interest in the psychology of criminals.. He is dogmatic, yet sensitive to the effects of loss of freedom for those who are consigned to imprisonment. He has his own inner demons that have the potential to destroy him as the murder enquiry closes around him. Meet also DI Arthur Brosnan, a hard-working, methodical detective, and DS 'Foxy' Fox, who has an eye for the girls, both of the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary
While a broad ray of light runs through the novel, it nevertheless enters the dangerous worlds of fanaticism, a perverted sense of justice and the destructive outcomes of lawlessness.
Be drawn in as the story accelerates to a gripping conclusion.

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