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Length: 63 pages55 minutes


Aliah is the third book in my Refurbished Fairy Tale series. These stories are my take on classic tales such as Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid. For my version of Aladdin, I wanted a female protagonist fighting a man’s world only to find a love she never expected. What the reader really gets is a back-story to a future character, which will be in Alice as well as in at least one book from the Cases of the SIA series. A big OMG for readers of my Annan books ... Nico’s dad is Cesair’s brother! Read the book to understand what that really means.

This story finds Aliah in Babilli, an ancient town on the verge or ruin. Falling further each day from its once splendid glory. Living on the streets is hard, but even more so for a woman in a world where they are property of some kind. When a poster gives her the chance for a life off the streets, if she is willing to risk her life that is, she knows she must take it. When Aliah finds the bottle she was requested to gather and bring back to the self-proclaimed prince, she also finds a treasure more wonderful than any wish that could be granted.

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