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Return of the Fontalo

Length: 398 pages6 hours


In book 3 of the Mascot Trilogy, a Fontalo spaceship arrives at the planet of Purlieu and demands the return of all their mascots (humans genetically modified with animal genes.) Donte is a mascot, the Ruler of Bergen Colony, and the prophesied Anialwch Connection. According to the Prophesy, Donte and Princess Celyn will lead the planet to freedom from the Fontalo. Fontalo is the company that created the mascots and abandoned them in the middle of a plague they created forty years ago.
In the forty years the Fontalo has been gone, the experimental colonies have managed to keep Purlieu nearly as pristine as when they arrived. They have united and prospered. They have tasted freedom and they don’t want to give it up. They are willing to fight the Fontalo and they want Donte to lead them.
The captain of the Fontalo spaceship has a list of mascot leaders to collect, but Donte has no intention of turning anyone over to him.
The captain of the Fontalo spaceship considers the mascots to be animals, not human. Donte tries to negotiate with the captain, but turning the mascots and spaceships over to the captain is not a negotiable choice. When Donte refuses, the Captain sends shuttles to destroy the tram station on Bergen. Donte responds by destroying the shuttles. The situation escalates to battle.
When a spaceship from the mother planet of Oriel arrives, Donte discovers that the Fontalo has been charged with a crime in connection with the creation of the mascots. Apparently the Captain’s list contains mascots to be eliminated in order to destroy evidence.
The Fontalo is influential on the planet of Oriel and Purlieu has no representation. It is possible that the Fontalo could win the court battle and Purlieu might be forced to turn the mascots and the spaceships over to the Fontalo. That would include Donte’s mate and children. All his life Donte has thought of the mascots being different from the colonists. Now he must convince Oriel that Mascots are human.
Donte can think of only one way to win freedom for the colonists and mascots. It could be dangerous for the people he loves. He decides to take a chance with something that isn’t in the Prophesy.

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