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Peanut Butter Boy

Length: 185 pages2 hours


Peanut Butter Boy is perfect for fans of humorous fiction.
Peter Butter is excruciatingly shy. Whenever someone so much as blinks in his direction, he turns that ugly shade of a baboon’s bum cheeks. It seems turning to a jar of peanut butter is the only way to keep his bashfulness under control.
Things go from bad to worse when Peter starts at Pincham High School and comes face to face with Pirate Poultice, the beastliest and cruellest teacher in the entire universe. Peter Butter's peanut butter obsession quickly spirals out of control and a chain of mysterious and nutty events unfold. Peanut Butter Boy is a hilariously funny and heartwarming adventure of good over evil; shy pupil versus tyrannical teacher. A unique, side-tickling mystery with a dollop of peanut butter smeared in. For 8+ years

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