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Jesus Saves, Satan Invests

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IT STARTED with a message on her answering machine: ‘JESUS SAVES SATAN INVESTS.’ Living comfortably off the spoils of her ill-gotten gain as the centerpiece of a blackmail ring, Janet did not need to know the caller was currently sharing trunk space with a fresh corpse. 

How could the day get any worse? 

Easily... Jesus Saves, Satan invests is an action packed warp-speed rollercoaster ride through hell with a few pit-stops to load up on ammo along the way. 


"The man has an ear for great dialogue. It was compelling just enough to read the characters stab back and forth with their words. The scenes were well-constructed and tight. Morr managed to keep the lead character floating in that shade of grey where yeah, he was exonerated, but does it really matter? I want another book out of this guy. Tomorrow." - Ryan Sayles 

"Todd Morr has done something incredible with Jesus Saves, Satan Invests. He's written a crime book that almost seems like instead of being written, it was choreographed like some massive movie fight or action sequence, or really, directed like the ultimate chase movie. I mean, wow, with some kind of plot genius, he created about 20 fascinating and dangerous characters -- all engaged in a desperate chase of the one main and completely fascinating and very dangerous character -- Janet, or Margarita Corona. No need for boring back story or descriptions of setting Morr just keeps things moving from start to finish while managing to somehow slip in back story and vivid details without the reader even noticing that the action has slowed for a moment, like some kind of magician. So do you get what I am saying? This book is simply one of the most wonderful crime books I've ever read." - Mike Monson.

"Fast and freaking furious." -James Newman

Upon graduating from Adams State College with a degree in fine art Todd Morr decided if he was going to be a starving artist, he preferred music and writing. Morr lives in Salinas, California with his wife and children. He has published short stories in Out of the Gutter, Shotgun Honey and Death Throes Webzine. His first novel Captain Cooker, is out with Snubnose Press.

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