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If we don't wait, especially in important areas, we will bring trouble into our lives. 

He has just being installed as the first king of his nation. No sooner was he installed than a battled ensued from a neighboring country. All the citizens had their hopes up in the new king as they expected him to justify the primary reason of his selection as the king. The king knew what was at stake. First impression matters. The king took up the challenge, mustered his military strength and gave a marching order against the enemy; himself leading the battle. Just then an order came from a higher authority. A sacrifice must be made if the king must win this battle. Therefore, the king must wait for seven days before the sacrifice could be offered. Seven days was he expected to wait in the face of pressures mounted by the advancing army of the enemy-nation and the expectation of his own people to make a move. The king was in a dilemma. Should he believe the “higher” authority by waiting or prove his military prowess and satisfy the highly expectant crowd of witnesses? Eventually the king decided to wait against thick pressures. What happened on the seventh day? Did he win the battle? Here lies a great lesson for all and sundry especially leaders! You’ve got to find out what exactly happened on the seventh day!

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