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Fear of the dark, monsters or the unknown is common in kids. It mostly pops up when they start using their imagination. Fear is a natural emotion that is healthy when it helps in a situation of fight or flight. But the same fear becomes a nuisance when it leads to unnecessary worrying and anxiety. To avoid fear from becoming a cause of trouble, kids need to learn to use their imagination in their favor. They are all capable of doing so and just need guidance.
A calm and focused mind helps one to think clearly and allows for a positive thought process. Teaching kids to apply this in their life can help them conquer their fears. As simple as this may sound, it can be complex for kids to comprehend and practice. I have created this story using my experience as a parent with an attempt to make this concept easy for a child to grasp. The simple and clear formulation of the phrases will surely spark positive imagination for kids who read and practice the concepts. My hope is that Oyo, the character in this story, can help children and adults alike to be FEARLESS.

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