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The Human Religion and Spirituality

Length: 90 pages1 hour


People claim to know the ultimate truth, and this is how cults, religions, brotherhoods, and schools of thought are formed, counting in hundreds of thousands! Other people claim to know the truth too, but they keep it secret for various reasons and you have to join them in order to learn it, and this is how secret societies are formed! ...And this is how the world is divided into the exoteric and the esoteric, into the darkness and the light, into the profane and the enlightened, into the ‘superior’ and the ‘inferior,’ because cults, religions, societies, brotherhoods, and schools of thought count in hundreds of thousands today, they span the world and they apply and appeal to everyone, they contradict, oppose, and fight each other through the multitude of their beliefs, many times opposing and contorting spirituality altogether in order to prove themselves right! Where exactly can you find true Religion and true Spirituality today?
What this book does, it models the human reasoning, condition, and experience in the wider world, in order to highlight and explain everything of importance related to your wider existence beyond this Reality, related to your higher self beyond your physical awareness, and related to your higher meaning in life and in the wider world beyond your common knowledge, in order to help you trace and architect for yourself a viable lifestyle and a successful spiritual pathway to follow throughout life, and to assure your sustained, continuous, harmonious development.

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