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This is a work predicated on the value that emergency self-protection is usually done empty-handed. In other words, if you are ever attacked by a perpetrator, it is due to the opportune time presented by the predicament or circumstance. So, your activities of daily living of walking to your car, leaving your home, leaving your place of work, grocery store, etc. offer ample opportunities to be victimized. While this list can go on, what is essential is the realization that being attacked by a human predator is often a sudden, brutal encounter resulting in potential maiming or death of the victim.
Most individuals exposed to harm do not carry any form of self-protection due to age, infirmity, or simply believing "what will be, will be." As a 66-year old man, I believe my continued life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is determined by the ability to protect my person, and the ones I love, especially my wife and 2 daughters. Admittedly, I am in better fighting condition than anyone my age.
However, I would like to graphically demonstrate by video vignettes how to protect yourself, no matter your age and physical condition. I have distilled 43 years of Kung-Fu, close quarters combat practice, to 3 TECHNIQUES! Unbelievable? Well, read the text and click on my explanatory video vignettes, and find out! I provide in the ebook what to practice to get to the level I have achieved. I offer further lessons to elaborate my teachings, if you so choose by clicking on my website, and contacting me.
Self-protection is the ability to put a perpetrator down, empty-handed, before using a weapon or firearm. Most of the time in your life -- that is the predicament you will be in.

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